Bar Hoping

Here’s my draft for today, Happy Wednesday 06.05.19.

Bar Hoping

In the long mirror, first, I looked at her
then at the deep blue concoction before her
its pink Japanese umbrella, tiny, removed
closed, unneeded, sitting idly by the cocktail

I pictured myself washing her laundry by hand
hanging it to dry, lined in a stiff breeze
then carefully placing it all in a woven basket
just before a slow rain rolled in from the Koʻolaus

Once safely indoors, as the large drops began
to plop sideways against the windows
I sat cross-legged and folded each article
all of them either red or green, Christmas

After folding every piece, I proceeded
to unfold each one, then fold them all again
repeating this doing and undoing
until the rain outside had stopped

The bartender brought her a cheeseburger
and in the mirror I watched her slice it
into two perfect half-moon sections
maybe one for her, the other for . . .

Looking up, she caught me in the mirror
smiled, and indeed asked if I’d like some
to which I responded that any man would
jump at the chance, and she disappeared

I looked around, wondering what on earth
and not seeing her, returned my attention
to the cheeseburger, grabbed my half
and tore into it, starved, with sharp, white teeth


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