the price of aloha

Here’s my draft for today, Tuesday 06.11.19.

the price of aloha

there is the green flash hope of them sitting on the shore
the hallowed hallmark share of Hawaiian dusk scenery
waiting to be seen by visitors this evening watching
breathless with anticipation all those tourist dues paid
may pay off perhaps tonight while I dip under the waves
of Ala Moana’s dark water blood ocean salty
down into the sea from where we came a while ago
so evolving our scheming ways toward costly
beachfront hotel rooms and first class flies
to turn up good as gold we now acquire requirement
for big elusive money comely as that sun sink’s flash
this passion for cash I will be with the exhaled bubbles
through my nose and my mouth collapsing my lungs
I look up to the surface for the black of sunset to be
done with bought sold so old I’m now one percent cold
drowning for night’s silence to come once the show’s over

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