Dream Journal 1

So I’ve come to a really big (shoe) day in my writing journey. I was advised two weeks ago to think about not publishing my drafts on the web for a couple of reasons. I’ve been thinking about this, and after a conversation yesterday with a friend who shares similar concerns about posting her work on the web, I decided last night that I’m going to stop doing it, except for an occasional post on the Bamboo Shoots website.

It’s been a lot of years, my desire to draft and post one piece of something, anything daily. It goes back to 2013, roughly.

This decision won’t break my streak, however. Well, actually, during my travels over the past two years, I’ve had a few days where I didn’t have the chance to get any writing done. But I still intend to keep my writing exercise going, to try not to break my streak again, even when I do travel.

Writing truly is just like exercise, like calisthenics. You have to do it as often and as regularly as you can. With photography, you shoot many pictures before you hit a good one. Just so, writers have to keep on “shooting.” You never know when you’ll come up with something good enough to go into second or third or even more drafts.

It’s like Benny Goodman said, if you want to get to Carnegie Hall, you have to play your scales every day.

Anyway, the piece that I drafted this morning is called “Dream Journal 1.” I’m at least going to post the titles in order to hold myself accountable to my streak.

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