selective amnesia

selective amnesia

I mean I keep remembering you
but I forget all kinds of things all the time
like my site passwords
or who my old piano teacher was
or my old guitar teacher
how to play piano or guitar
who won the NBA championship last week

but not you
and believe me
I’ve forgotten women I’ve dated
not that there have been so many

because I mean the women I’ve asked out
have always been highly selective
when it comes to saying yes to me

but you
you stick in my brain
like a tumor that’s going to kill me
like I think I need a lobotomy

because as always happens
when you jump into my head
I’m going be thinking about you all day long
like when a song gets stuck in your head
and then I’m going to be lying in bed
thinking about you
thinking about you

so I’m making a pledge to myself
that I’m going to forget about you
once and for all
starting right now

I’m still thinking about you
after reading through this draft

this does not bode well

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