I think


I think

at that instant
everything will become only in the past

and the ever pressing past will become
all forgotten past only

and the future will be now as well at its end
and there will be no anger in this flash telling

dream I will begin to dream
no coming home again

no key in the lock to turn
no pushing through to the discomfort

of the all too familiar
all cruelty and anger and tears of that gone past

are all dropped before the doorstep
gateway to where everything is relative

everything is now this second
squeezed breathlessly tight

a moment’s overload of all time condensed
collapsed flat and thin as a book’s last turned page

every sense blown out in a single space
a type of true overpowering love overwhelming

realized in my ancestry re-scene
in a split-second light

of atom-splitting brilliance
and kindness

seeing we were all
living on a level stage

loving as best we could

so that all dark and deep and deadly memories
wash out suddenly

collapse to the downstage and fall
into the dark wings

forgotten there with no more drama
me seeing in the curtain drop

the happiness at what I am about to be

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