The Journey Begins & Draft of “Dysfunctional”

Aloha to you.  Pehea ‘oe?  E komo mai (How are you?  Please come in.)

Mahalo for joining me.  My name is Lanning Lee, and I’m a writer, born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai’i.

Every day I try to draft some kind of piece of prose or poetry, and I’ll be publishing that here.  Please join me in reading and commenting, and please feel free to share your own writing.  Mahalo nui.

This is my draft for Thursday 04.18.19.


one of the healing charms I speak,
a name against the darkness,
classify us now,
how categorized so neatly,
but without love there is never an enough
the love of old for young
and so I ask when was love ever then,
I so wished that it was,
now old for old,
somewhere in the storming wind and rain behind
that thunder bowed my head. Down.

Let us pray.

I grasp her beads, speak her name, click my heels,
think of home, and I’m wholly back,
untwisted suddenly
before the end of time.

Oh my how I watched,
wished away back then the darkness gone,
transported, because I whispered,
magic words to light,
so I do believe,
this answer to my prayer,
slowly seeps in sunlight
shows me all is well

In this place, an enchanted space,
I peek out for love that I had only guessed at

and lo and behold,
I find her standing holy,
upright on the welcome mat,
waiting for me on my front doorstep,
beckoning me inside to see
that all was well,

that all is well,
now that by supplication,
as I have been transported,
divine, she reaches out her hand
and leads me into the back,
before the end of time.

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