Here’s my draft for today Monday 04.29.19.


I see, she says, looking into the cup —
it’s a blue ceramic with a tiny dragon
running around it — a plodding turtle
meaning your journey’s been slow and long

And here’s a tiger, it’s eyes wide and clear
signifying great courage, bravery
but with such courage comes the need
to think about where you will leap

Like this frog, this frog says ignore
the turtle, and hop along, but of course
think about where you leap carefully
before you do, as the tiger warns you

Last now, she says, I see a duck
as she’s looking up at me, smiling
this means a very happy marriage
and she puts my tea cup down

I didn’t know there were so many leaves
in my cup, and I wanted to have coffee
at Starbucks, but no, this stranger wanted
Chinese food for our first meeting

I look at the remainder of our roast duck
then at the fresh duck plate on the next table
which makes our little portion look so small
the ragged, bony harvest of a baby of theirs

I wonder, is it said that the duck is always larger
on the table next to yours, or have I just
coined a new adage to toss around, grow old
and worn, finally clichéd through use by time

And then she grasps my hand, turns it over
hers warm, asks if she may read my palm now
and I know I’ve heard about this kind of moment
that I’ve come to that instant of ineffable silence

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