After her arm was broken, dizzy, she fell trying to call out
weakly for anyone to help, then slipped into darkness.
She’d earned her J.D. degree at the University of Hawai‘i
and had found her calling in practicing personal injury law.

Awaking finally in the middle of the night, a bit disoriented,
her throbbing arm brought her back to her difficult situation.
She could sense nothing wrong with her feet, so she assumed,
no longer feeling faint, standing up now would be no problem.

She grabbed a dining table leg with her good hand,
scooted her feet under her, and rose with little difficulty.
Knowing her arm must be set, she sat and slid her phone to her,
wondering if her situation were dire enough to call 911.

“What’cha doing?” asked her husband, looming in the kitchen doorway.
In that moment, with nowhere else to run, she attempted to dial 911.

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