Dreaming, he recollected the building as his old high school.
Floating on air, he was transported into a classroom there.
On the old chalkboard five words were written this way:
jew-el-ry, nu-cle-ar, re-al-tor, stationEry, cemetEry.

The teacher advised the students these were five words,
that if they took nothing else of value from her class,
they should know how to pronounce and to spell.
Then she went over the words for greater emphasis.

“Jew-el-ry, not jewlery, nu-cle-ar, not nucular, re-al-tor not relator,
stationEry is the paper you use to write letters on,
and cemetEry is the place where you should be buried,”
pointing directly at him as she said that final “you.”

How she knew he was buried at up at Mountain View
he didn’t know, but the sign there spelled it cemetAry.

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