He does not perform his work with the armchair ease you might
suspect when it comes to paper pushing. True, he sits all day
at his desk, tapping at his keyboard, answering a few calls,
and drinking coffee as if it performed the same function as oxygen.

Labeling something difficult, of course, is how we could describe
giving birth, or swimming from Los Angeles to Honolulu,
climbing the north face of the Eiger in a winter blizzard,
lifting a car off someone, or writing the Great American Novel.

So it might be somewhat of an exaggeration to describe what he does
that way, but his job certainly involves its own sort of Herculean effort.
If you’ve ever visited the federated state of Badhalai in South East Asia,
you may have driven the Kalan Jotan Kelasi Federal Route 3948.

The original plan had called for a 400-mile four-lane highway
with a surface rated to handle traffic at 120 miles per hour.
What they built is a two-lane highway rated at 90 miles per hour.
A large chunk of the appropriated funds proverbially vanished over night.

Well, he made those funds disappear, but rather than imprison him,
the government uses him to uncover other embezzlement schemes.

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