Covid Calories

I walked four so-so hard miles today, the heat

a little more than I could handle easily.

I’m finally working on losing the 20 pounds gained

since March of last year, when I stopped my daily walk

for fear of encountering infected people and dying of Covid.

One pound disappears every two weeks or so.

It could be more, but I’m always hungry these days.

I was never hungry, hardly ever thought of food

before March of last year.

I would eat out of habit when I did eat.

I stopped eating breakfast in high school,

quit eating lunch in college,

picked it up again

when I went to work at UH,

because my coworkers ate lunch.

Now, well, I still don’t eat breakfast,

and after I retired, I would eat lunch or dinner,

one or the other only, until March of last year.

Now I eat a large lunch and a pretty big dinner.

But I give myself credit, a little pat on the back.

I’ve not successfully cut down on the calorie intake,

but I’m walking almost every day,

up to a consistent four miles now,

and I’m shooting for five,

which is the number of miles I would walk every day

up until March of last year.

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