Bread Alone

There were no more good reasons I could come up with,

no more desperate excuses I could dream up

for us to stay together, she and I, no more.

I know it was hard for her to say goodbye.

I give her huge credit for finally agreeing we should go our separate ways

after all these years of trying, and me always disappointing her.

She never saw it, was absolutely blind to my proving

every single time that I couldn’t be what she wanted me to be,

but she’d still place her faith in me, had become too dependent,

and me, really, I’m the least dependable person I know.

Me? Reliable? What a joke.

Not in any way, shape, or form.

I let her down each chance she gave me.

Couldn’t come through for her even once I can recall.

She had to have been crazy ever to think

I could possibly be the right person for her.

Of course I’ll miss her, no doubt about that,

but I’m glad it was mutual, that we both absolutely agreed

we had to call this whole damn thing off.

And you know, that’s great.

I’ve always hated one-sided break-ups, one side getting crushed.

If we didn’t have such tough hides, this would probably have killed us.

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