What’re the Chances? (160 words)

Chan had a witness.  It looked to the witness like the victim had been swimming and a woman had saved him from drowning.  After she’d brought him up from the ocean, she asked for water.  When the witness went inside to get it, the woman’d strangled the guy she just saved and disappeared.

“We haven’t IDed him yet, or her.  The only thing we know for sure is that the strangled man isn’t Lambert Robertson.”

Chan says the Robertsons are out of town on vacation somewheres, and that the witness was housesitting for them.

“This is quite a coincidence,” I say.

“No kidding,” says Chan.

Chan took off, leaving the forensics boys to wrap up.  After they’d cleared out, I looked over Kama’s notes on the Lambert case again.

Sylvia Robertson’d come in a week ago saying she suspected her husband of cheating.  She’d paid Kama $500 bucks up front to tail him and let her know what was up.

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