Surveillance Photos (180 words)

This is the kind of thing we did.  Routine kinda stuff.  Safe.  Usually.

I was working a suspicious spouse case myself.  Guys cheat on their wives and vice versa all the time.  It makes the world go round and keeps PIs in warm beds under solid roofs.  You don’t get killed over unfaithful spouse tails.  At least not maybe until now.

Kama took notes like a court steno. Reading them was like watching a movie. According to them, the day before he bought the farm, he’d been shooting photos of the husband, a Joey Soto, at Like Like Drive Inn over on Ke‘eaumoku. While the guy wasn’t drooling over the woman, it was the second lunch they’d had in three days. Kama had before and after shots in the parking lot, and had even taken some inside.

The photos were over at the Kodak building in Kaka‘ako for developing.  I called them and they said the prints were ready.  I drove over there, explained Kama being dead and all, and got the pictures.  I sat in my car and ran through them.

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