No Justice (A David Chan Mystery, Part Ten)

Chan sat stunned.  “You told me yesterday you’re single.”

“I am single,” said Nina.

It had started as a bad day.  Could it get any worse?

“Nina, that was your husband who called you last night, but you’re not married?”

Nina leaned her head over the back of her chair.  “Ahhhhhh!” she screamed.

Chan looked around to see if anyone were watching.  Everyone was.

Nina snapped back to an upright position.  “We’re what I’d definitely call estranged.”

Her parents, her siblings, and now her husband?  Chan wondered if he looked up estrangement in the dictionary, he’d find a picture of this woman.

Nina said, still at some volume, “As far as I’m concerned, I’m not married.  It’s true there’s no formal divorce, but if that bastard ever lays a hand on me again, I’ll kill him.”

Chan glanced around. “Everything’s fine, folks.  Please go back to what you were doing.”

“Sorry,” said Nina, quieting down.  “It’s just that I’m so sick of him.  I’m telling you, David, he is pure evil.”

This man had immediately jumped to the top of Chan’s suspect list.

“Evil?  Nina, could you give me an example?”

“Well, he used to beat the hell out of me on a regular basis.”

Chan immediately felt horrible.  “I’m so sorry to hear that,” he said.  “Did you call the police?”

Nina looked at him open-mouthed.  “Report him?  I gave up reporting him to you guys.  He’d come waltzing home before I knew it.  Guess what would happen then?”

She shook her head, staring off into the distance.  “Last night he cried.”  She looked at Chan again.  “Cried.  Said he couldn’t live without me.  I told him that was good, that I expected to hear about him being dead, because I sure as hell wasn’t coming back to him.”

Chan could feel Nina’s intensity.  He was overwhelmed with sorrow for her, but at the same time an anger was growing.  Why did they always let these guys go.  They’d have to kill –

“He’d have to kill me,” Nina said, psychically continuing Chan’s thought, “in order to get him to stop.”

“Nina,” Chan said, “did he hurt you last night?”

“No, David, he couldn’t get his hands on me.  I was locked in my car with my window open just enough to hear his pleading and to answer him.  I was only there a couple of minutes.”

“If he ever touches you again, don’t call anyone but me,” Chan said.  “I’ll make sure you get heard, and that there’s justice, that a penalty is paid.”

Nina scoffed.  “David, there’s no justice when it comes to him.  He owns people, David.  In your department, in the courts, in government, the business community.  The only justice will be me putting a bullet through his head.”

“Don’t ever, Nina.  You must not go to prison for his crimes.”

“Those are nice words, David.  They have the death penalty, right?  Can’t I simply get it over with?”

“Nina, they just did away with it. And you’d never receive it anyway.  Extenuating circumstances would lessen your time, but believe me, prison would be horrible.”

“Not when suicide’s a possibility,” she said brightly, running her hands around the white linen table cloth.

Chan couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  “Nina, what’s your husb – what’s his name?”

* * * * *

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