Secret Friends

I picked up the phone and pretended to have
conversations with you, imitating my parents
the way kids do.  But you never seemed to be
on the other end, at least no matter
how hard I listened, I could never make you
speak loudly enough from the other side to hear.

Since those days, I’ve still attempted conversations,
fiddling with the volume, to listen to you,
buried deeper somewhere over time
while I learned to speak on my own,
from first copying the sounds adults made,
dribs and drabs collecting in my brain
stitched through time into more coherent speech.

I wonder if I ever won an argument.
I never know who has the last word.

* * * * *

Aloha #WriterSunday, I hope your weekend is going well. Today’s #WritingPrompt is

secret friends

Use it to inspire a piece of writing, and then post that piece as a comment below. I would love to read it : )

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