Friends (700)

Without hesitation, Chan said, “No.  I trust Bobby with my life.  There’s always concern about dirty cops, but it could be anyone from witnesses, to ambulance attendants, nurses or doctors.  Anyone who came in contact with him.  Then again, it might be that someone recognized him the minute he stepped of the boat.  Or anyone from his crew who was part of the Yu gang might have let Gi know.”

“Was he part of the Cling Club riot?”

“That’s not at all clear.”

“Do you know anything about who shot him?  They might have known all about him before I ever even saw him?”

“That’s not clear.  But you know what is a more interesting question to me is why kill you, and why kill Jerry?  How much did Jerry know about your dad?”

“Just what I told him when I came home from the barber shop.  But . . . ”

“But what?”

“I’m sorry, but when he came to the hospital, Jerry, well, he shot the whole thing with a camera he’d hidden in his shoulder bag.”

Chan didn’t say anything for a while.  “Okay.  Aside from his not supposed to be doing that, I don’t see anything there.  Gi had already been to the hospital, already knew it was her uncle.”

Chan continued to sip his beer.  “The sock in his mouth, that bothers me.  Was it to shut him up?  Keep him from calling out to the neighbors, to you?  And the two cups of coffee.  Was one his?  Neither?  If neither, then there were two people sitting there.”

“You think one might have been Gi Yu?”

“Possibly.  Were she and Jerry drinking coffee?  She and another person?  It’s a puzzle.  Of course, there could have been ten people in there and only two, whoever they might have been, drinking coffee.

“Lanning, how well did you know Jerry?”

“What do you mean?”

“Tell me about him.”

“Ah, well, we grew up together from preschool.  We graduated from University High.  He went to UCLA, I to Wisconsin.  And then I asked him if I could crash on his couch for a while.”

“So you were in touch with him all that time in college?”

“Well, yeah.  I mean sometimes a letter.”

“You felt you knew him well enough still though to ask him to let you stay with him?  You were in touch with him about that?”

“Hmmm.  Actually no.  I sort of sprung that on him when I flew in.  I actually called him from the airport.”

“Ah, well that’s a friend,” said Chan.

“Yes, I still consider him, a good friend.  We were like brothers growing up.”

“Yes, Lanning, that can definitely create a strong bond.”

We sipped our beers.

Chan said, “What did Jerry do for a living?”

“Well he, hmmm, I don’t know.”

“Someone lives in a pretty expensive condo, he must have a decent job?  Unless his parents were giving him money.  Do you know if they might have been financing him?”

“Ah, man, not too likely.  His family was poor.  The UC system gives out most of their aid to California residents.  Jerry’s college, as far as I know, was paid for by loans.”

“That’s a lot of debt,” Chan said.  “He’d need a good job to pay that off and afford rent on a nice condo.”

“Oh, he wasn’t renting,” I said.  “He owned it.”

Chan gave me the strangest look.  “Owned it?  I’ll need to check his financial situation, and I need to find out where he works.”

“Oh man,” I said.  “I don’t think he did anything but stay home the two weeks I was with him.”

“You find that odd?” Chan asked.


“Lanning, a guy who comes from a poor family, owns a fairly expensive condo, and doesn’t work?  What does that suggest to you?”

“You don’t think Jerry, you know, that he worked for Gi Yu?”

Chan took a deep breath and exhaled.  “Lanning, sometimes a sock in the mouth actually means a person is being convinced to talk. You interrogate him, you stop the screaming if you torture him.  And if they were really after you, why would they leave before you got there?”

* * * * *

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