Ties That Bind (650)

“But I grew up with Jerry.  I can’t believe he’d be involved in criminal activity, David.”

Chan said, “Lanning, people grew up with Gi Yu too, but that doesn’t mean they knew she was going to become the head of a criminal syndicate.”

“Did he look like he was tortured?”

“The cause of death was obvious.  No one looked any farther.  I’ll go to the morgue, take a look.  Maybe we’ll do an autopsy.  But, Lanning, it’s easy enough to hide torture.  Rubber hoses and telephone books are ideal.  And you’re familiar with the term ‘feet to the fire.’  You can cause lots of pain with fire, and not leave any kind of mark.”

Gi Yu would beat or burn some kind of information out of Jerry.  This was incredible.

“What would Jerry know that they’d want to beat out of him?”

The Lieutenant stared out into the night.  “How about your relationship to what turns out to be your father?  Do you work with him in some capacity?  Has Jerry heard from you where your father is?”

“But why wouldn’t he just tell them.  If he worked for them, wouldn’t that make sense.  Maybe that’s what he does for them.  Give them info and get paid.  Why beat him and then kill him?”

Chan looked at me.  “Lanning, as you say, you two were friends, even like brothers.  Would a true friend give up information about a friend, a blood brother betray a brother?”

Jerry, so good a friend that he refused to talk about me and died for it.  It was hard to take.

“And they would know Jerry and I were friends, and that I was living with him how?”

“Again, Lanning, leaks.  Sometimes it feels like a sieve.”


“Let’s go see how your father is doing.”

We went in.  My dad lay still, his breathing light, shallow.  Chan whispered in the doctor’s ear.  The doctor did the same.  Chan nodded that we should go out.

“Lanning, he’s getting weaker.”

“You think it would be okay if I sat with him?”

“Of course.”

I went back into the room and pulled a chair up to the bed.  I took hold of my father’s hand and squeezed it.  There was no response.  I sat there holding his hand until I fell asleep.

The nurse shook me awake.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “but he’s gone now, Mr. Lee.”  I was still holding his hand.

The sun was up.  I went out and sat down at the dining room table.  I couldn’t stop crying.

Sometime later, I don’t know how long, the phone rang.  It kept ringing.  Apparently both the Lieutenant and his son were gone.  I picked up.

“Lanning, this is David.  We went back to the condo and turned the place upside down.  We found cash under a floorboard in his bedroom closet.  Lots of it.  I wanted to let you know.”

I sat there dazed.  So Jerry might be in league with the Yus, my goddamn adopted family.

Here I was, caged up, while out there Gi Yu was having a free and fine old time.  Well, that was going to change.  She needed to have a shitty time, and I knew one way to make that happen.

I looked through the phone book.  Sure enough, Yu Real Estate and Development Company had a big old ad in the Yellow Pages.

I took a quick shower and dressed, then called for a Sida taxicab.  Would getting away be hard?

I walked confidently out to the sidewalk.  There were two uniformed officers present.

“Hi,” I said cheerily, “Lieutenant Chan called and asked me to join him at the morgue.  I’ve got a taxi coming.  Thanks so much for the protection.”

They both smiled and nodded.

The cab arrived and I jumped in.  Piece of cake.  Should that worry me?  I headed downtown to see my dear cousin.

* * * * *

Aloha #WriterMonday, I hope you had a safe and happy weekend. Today’s #WritingPrompt is

family ties

Use it to inspire a piece of writing of any kind, and then post that piece as a comment below. I would love to read it : )

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