A Safe Place (500)

David Chan’s face twisted in disgust.  “Yeah, yeah.  I suppose it’s love, but you know how it is with abused women.  Lots of them go back to these guys.  They can’t escape.  For all I know – ”

Yamamoto interrupted him.  “David, David, slow the hell down. So you’re saying you don’t know why they broke up the first time, and you don’t know why they got back together.”

“Right, yes, she never wanted to talk about him with me.  Obviously.  She knew I couldn’t stand him.”

Yamamoto said, “Look, David, let’s assume the asshole loved her, that she broke up with him the first time because he’s a fucking murderer, and for some reason she got back together with him, having nothing to do with abuse.  Let’s just calm down and assume that, okay?”

Chan exhaled.  “Okay, you’re right, Vic.  Okay.”

“She wasn’t here with him, not at home, not with your mom.”

“Wait,” Chan said, “Maybe she has gone home.  Or checked in with mom.”

He went back in and called Denise.  No answer.  Of course, that didn’t mean she wasn’t sitting there, right?  He called his mother.  She confirmed that Denise had neither phoned nor stopped by.

“Any luck?” Yamamoto asked when Chan came back.

“No, but she could be home and just not answering.”

“Look,” Yamamoto said, “I doubt that’s the case, but I’ll go to her place and look.  You think hard, and then go wherever it is you can come up with.  Her favorite places.  You know.  Good places to hide out from people like that asshole and, you know, you.”

Chan looked perturbed.  “You saying I’m the one?  Like I’m the reason she’s disappeared?”

Yamamoto shrugged, “You put a lot of pressure on her about Andaya, right?”  He turned and headed for his car.

This upset Chan.  Walking to his car he could not believe his partner would think this.  Pressure?  All he ever did was tell her she should stay away from Andaya.  Well, he was going to find his sister, and it would be a hell of a lot easier for her to stay away from Andaya now.

Chan sat in his car and racked his brain.  He thought about Denise’s favorite places.  Of course, not places like Queen’s Surf or Hanauma Bay or Tantalus.  She wouldn’t be living on the beach or in the woods for three days.  Would she?

He knew he should adopt Victor’s positive attitude, but what if whatever she was supposed to know about, according to the barber’s note, had been the kind of knowledge that gets you killed.

Where . . . where would it be safe for her, and besides having the most dangerous boyfriend she could choose, what was the reason she needed to be safe?

He leaned his head against the steering wheel and closed his eyes.  He pictured his father and grandfather coming back from the grave for him if he let his sister be killed.

And then it came to him.

* * * * *

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