Employment Opportunity (475)

Andaya put down his drink.  He did not like men grabbing women by the arm, hurting them.  Saying nothing, he grabbed the Korean by the wrist, and squeezed it so hard, the man let go of the woman’s arm and let out a small cry of his own.

But Andaya wasn’t finished.  He stood and had the man’s arm behind his back, his own arm around his neck in a choke hold.

“Walk away,” Andaya said, tightening the pressure on the man’s neck, before pushing him away.  “I think she’s not interested.”

The Korean glared at Andaya, but headed off into the back.

At the end of the evening, Andaya waited for the woman outside.  His friends had given up hope of finding love tonight and had long gone home.

Sitting out in the parking lot, Andaya was listening to the radio, feeling the buzz of the evening’s drinking.  There was a tap on his window.  Opening his eyes, he could see it was the man who’d accosted the woman earlier.

Andaya rolled down the window.  “Yes?  Can I help you?”

The Korean, who was not small, attempted to throw a punch through the window.

Andaya caught and held his hand, then kicked the door open, letting go the guys’ hand at the same instant.  The Korean went flying backward.  Andaya was on him, straddling and pounding him with a fury that always came to his aid when he needed it.   Otherwise he suppressed his frightening rage, always there with him, just in case.

After the flurry of punches, Andaya stood up and delivered two kicks to the man’s head, not killing him, just barely.

Out of the shadows came a group of three more Koreans, again all dressed in black.  Andaya smiled.  He was just beginning to warm up and was looking forward to round two.

He walked briskly toward them, rather than have them bring the fight to him.

“Whoa whoa whoa,” said the man up front, holding up his hands.  “Easy, easy.  We’re not looking for trouble, my friend.  My name is Byung Yu, what’s yours?”

Andaya eyed the Korean.  Obviously, this was the brain.

“Chris,” he said.  “Chris Andaya.”

The Korean smiled, stuck out his hand.  “I’m Byung Yu.  I have to say,” he looked over at his fallen friend, “I do admire your work.”

Andaya said nothing, didn’t reach out to shake the man’s hand.

“Come come, now,” said Yu, “let’s be friends.  I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.”

Andaya said, “Oh?  How’s that?”

“Well, as you see, I’m in need of someone with your kind of, ah, talent, should we say, since apparently I have no one on my staff who can match your gift for tuning a person up.”

“Uh huh.”

“So, would you like to get paid for doing what you do?”

* * * * *

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