Cuz nowdays not like befo, das why,

so dis year I only goin be one half year oldah
dan I was my las birtday.  Cuz
j’like I nevah live wit dis Covid stuffs happening,
j’like minusing days I not living right now.
Wake up, eat, watch TV, eat, watch TV, eat, watch TV, maybe eat one snack, go sleep.
My life not life.  My life shampoo ha-yuh.
Wash, rinse, repeat. Wash, rinse, repeat.
Stop da clock!
I like all dis stay home or go out an die time back.
Come my Novembah suppos to be 66 birtday,
only goin have
65 and one half candos on top da cake.
An no mo even one good luck extra cando.
You know why?
Why?!?!  Cuz
I fricken need good luck fo no *make right now,
not den, das why.
I goin light da good luck cando right now,
so maybe I can live to my 65 an ½ birtday.
An guarans, if dis self quarantine stuffs keep up long enough,
**bumbye I like da whole year back.

*make means to die in Hawaiian
** bumbye means then, as a result of that, in Hawaiian Pidgin English

* * * * *

Aloha #WriterMonday, I hope you had one safe and healty weekend. Today’s #WritingPrompt stay


Use um fo inspire one piece uh writing, any kine, no mattah how long stay, an den pos um on top your site an link day buggah back to me, or jes go pos um as one comment below. I would love for read um : )


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