Love Is Mean (450)

Miles Kuroda was big right out of the chute.  Early on, children would tease him.  He didn’t understand what was so strange about his body, but the pointing, jokes, and laughter hurt deeply.

One day in the middle of third-grade at Lincoln Elementary, when Miles had come home crying, his dad decided Miles should take judo lessons.

Miles enjoyed judo so much, he begged to go to the dojo almost every weeknight.  His body began to change immediately.  He noticed the kids who’d been mean to him had less and less to say.  It was as if they’d forgotten that he’d been fat.

But Miles remembered, and he remembered the ones who’d tortured him because of it.

Then one day in fourth-grade it happened.  Buster Kalei, from up Papakolea, one who’d been nasty, was showing off for a group, doing handstands, cartwheels, and summersault flips.  The group cheered.

Miles walked over and watched for a while.  Finally he said, “Eh, Bustah, you tink you good o’wot?”

Buster stopped.  “What, Jap-eye, boddah you?”

The other kids looked at Miles.  “Yeah.  You look like one lily.  You mahu o’wot?”

Buster came at Miles like a Hawaiian hornet.  Miles slipped to his right, grabbed Buster by the wrist, turned his hip into him, and tossed him over and down.  Buster landed on his back so hard a stream of saliva shot out of his mouth.

Miles laughed.  “How come you not laughing now, Bustah.”  He delivered a kick so hard to Buster’s ribs that Buster screamed and then appeared to die.

The rest of the children looked on in horror.  Miles noticed another kid, Jimmy Ah Sam, who’d made many jokes about him being fat.

Miles gave Jimmy a strange smile and head nod that scared Ah Sam so much he started to pee his pants.  Miles came up to him.  “Eh, Jimmy, you get money?”

Jimmy began to cry.  Miles punched him in the stomach.  Jimmy bent over, couldn’t catch his breath.

“I said,” Miles said, “you get money?  You like more o’wot?”

Jimmy dug into his pocket and handed over a dime.  Miles put his hand on the back of Jimmy’s neck, pushed down hard.  Jimmy whimpered.

“Only one dime, shi-shi boy?  You sure?”

Jimmy gurgled a yes.

Miles slid behind him and swept his legs out from under him.  Jimmy went down hard on his tailbone.

From that day on, Miles decided he ruled the school.  He made life miserable for those who’d made him miserable, and then he branched out, picking on younger kids as well.  Then he moved on to bullying girls.

He added karate lessons.  Became stronger and stronger, and meaner and meaner.

Then he fell in love.

* * * * *

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