No Love Lost (425)

David Chan went upstairs to check on Mr. Min and to confirm that his sister hadn’t come in.

He went outside and Victor Yamamoto joined him.  “No luck with that address for Andaya.  He’s moved on.  Like always.”

The two made their way through the crowd and into the café.  The ambulance men were taking care of the wounded.  Chan looked at each one.

“Any killed?” Yamamoto asked.

“Just that one there.”

They walked to a body covered with a sheet.  Yamamoto stooped down and pulled it back.  It was Chris Andaya.

Chan’s anxiety level upshifted.  Where was his sister?  Was she involved in this?

He went over to a woman being interviewed by Kimo Kauhane.

“Excuse me, Lieutenant,” Chan said.  “Ma’am, you witnessed the shooting?”

“Well, sort of,” Margie said.  “I was up front here, and all of a sudden the shooting started, and everyone sort of dropped to the floor.  I saw some of it.”

“Was it a man or a woman shooting?” Chan asked.

“Oh, definitely a man.  He killed Mister Andaya, pretty sure. And Mr. Andaya was shooting too.”

Yamamoto asked, “You know Mister Andaya?”

“Oh, yes, he’s a regular.  He and his Miss Chan from upstairs.”

Now Chan’s pulse shifted gears.  “Was she with him, Miss Chan, was she here?”

“Oh no, not today.  It was Mr. Andaya and some men.  Maybe friends of his, maybe.  I don’t know.  Never seen them.”

Kauhane asked, “Are any of those men still here?”

“No, they ran.”

Chan asked, “So the men with Mr. Andaya, one of them shot him?”

“Oh, no, no.  Another man came in and went back there.  I’m pretty sure I saw him start it all.  It was fast like, how everyone started shooting.  It was so scary.”

“That man who came in, did you recognize him?”

“No, not him either.  Never seen him.”

“What’d he look like?” Kauhane asked.

“Tallish.  Not tall like Mr. Andaya, but not short.  Built kinda thick.  Not fat.  In good shape.  Maybe Japanese.  Asian for sure.  I don’t know.  It all happened so fast.  He ran out too.”

Chan grabbed Yamamoto and led him outside.

“Vic, if Andaya’s got her somewhere, how’re we going to find her?   If he killed her, how’re we going to find her?”

“David, David, whoa.  Slow down, brah.  Think.  Aside from being a murdering asshole, did he ever hurt your sister?  She ever say anything about that?”

Chan shook his head.  “No, nothing like that.  At least she never mentioned it.”

“Okay, let’s just assume he didn’t hurt her and that he hasn’t got her locked up somewhere.  Come on, man, she loved the fucker enough to get back together with him, right?”

* * * * *

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