Something Solid (350)

Chan went to the desk and picked up.  “Hello.”



“Who’s this?” came from the other end.

“I’m Denise’s brother.”

“Denise stay?”

“No, she’s not here.  Who is this?”

The line went dead.

Chan prayed that had been Chris Andaya.  If it were, then his sister wouldn’t be with him.  He was grabbing at a wild wish.  Cops don’t do that.  A cop grabs at —

He was looking at the desk.  On a pad was a note.  It read:  Bon-Bon, Friday, 6:30.

Denise worked as a secretary for Island Insurance.  The offices were on the second floor of a building downtown.  Café Bon-Bon was on the ground floor.

Before considering his sister’s appointment, Chan thought about it being Saturday.  What was the possibility that she would go into work on a day off?

He looked up the number and called.  Someone was in.

“Hello,” a male voice said, “Island Insurance.”

“Hi, this is David Chan, Denise’s brother.  By any chance is she in today?”

“Oh hello, Mr. Chan.  This is Hank Min.  No, I’m sorry, she’s been out since Wednesday.  Called in sick.  Is everything all right?”

“Hi, Mr. Min.  I’m trying to get ahold of her.  If you hear from her, please let me know.”

He gave Min his contact information.

Just as he hung up, the phone rang again.


It was Yamamoto.  “David, I tried Andaya’s last phone number. Disconnected.  I’ve got his last known address.  Want to go check it out?”

“Vic, can you follow up on that.  I have a lead on where she was last Wednesday evening.  Café Bon-Bon. I’ll go there.”

The two agreed to meet at Bon-Bon in an hour.  Unless Yamamoto found something.

On the way back downtown to Café Bon-Bon, Chan pictured his sister sitting in a calm, quiet, place, enjoying a peaceful Saturday lunch.  If only this could be the case.  Now he was wishing again.

A cop follows solid leads.

When Chan arrived at Bon-Bon, the place was crawling with police.

He went up to another detective.  “Kimo, what’s going on?”

“Someone just shot up the restaurant.”

* * * * *

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