Career Move (375)

This morning, Chris Andaya had a job to do, and he’d planned to get it done around 7:30 a.m. in the parking lot of the Nu‘uanu YMCA.  It wasn’t supposed to be fatal, just painful.

Andaya examined himself momentarily in the hall mirror.  He slipped on his sunglasses, wondered at the look that seemed to terrify people, and shook his head over why his life had amounted to just this.

As he headed down the hall to the front door, he checked his revolver.  Six arguments, all lined up to make their case if worse came to worst.

For ten years now, Andaya had been the premiere freelance muscle in the State.  Every criminal organization knew of his abilities, and if bringing in out-of-State talent was unnecessary, Andaya was the top man available bar none.  It had never occurred to him, growing up, and then especially as his military career came to an end, that his life would lead to employment involving brutal intimidation and elimination.

It had happened quite by accident.  One night, just weeks after leaving the service, he’d been eating dinner with a couple of ex-Army Ranger friends at Café Bon-Bon, their chosen downtown hangout.  A few drinks seemed like a good idea, so the men decided to drive over to Arirang, a high-class Korean bar in the Ala Moana area.  It was also one of the best places in town to pick up women.

Around 10:00 p.m., all three had broken off into conversations at the bar with possible hook-ups for the night. A group of Koreans entered the place.  Andaya knew the look.  All of them were dressed in black.  Black suits, black shirts, black ties.  It was like a uniform for these morons, an advertisement that they were mobbed up.

Andaya thought nothing more of this until one of the Koreans came over and abruptly interrupted the conversation he and the hostesses were having.  Andaya was not a hothead.  Quite the opposite.  He sat patiently and listened.

The man and woman had a terse, heated back and forth in Korean, the upshot of which was that the man grabbed the woman by the wrist and tried to pull her off the barstool.

She let out a little cry.

* * * * *

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