Hate Can Motivate (325)

Victor Yamamoto drove the five blocks to headquarters.  He passed the open market where he’d grown up helping his father and grandfather slaughter pigs.  He’d hated the work but never complained.  Family came first.  His love of animals took a back seat.

If he’d learned one thing during those formative years, it was to trust no one outside of family.  The market vendors were primarily Chinese, and they would do anything to outsell and undercut the Yamamotos.  The Pakés were a nasty bunch, and Yamamoto had fought for his family’s right to remain in the marketplace.

Because of those incidents, he’d developed a reputation.  No one messed with his family’s business once he’d cracked enough heads.  By the time he was 13, Yamamoto was the biggest Japanese around.  He would finally top out at 6’2, and he was built like a concrete block.

He’d attended Kalākaua Intermediate and Farrington High School when their Japanese population began to wane, more and more Filipinos coming, and he despised them, with their chicken killing gambling ways and their gang mentality.

The older he grew, the more races invaded his space.  Filipinos, Portuguese, Koreans, Puerto Ricans, Samoans, every wave brought assholes who thought they were tough and wanted turf.

Yamamoto was racist to the core.  It actually surprised him that he got along with David Chan, because with no exaggeration, he’d never met a single Chinese he liked.  Until Chan.  And then Chan’s wife.  His son and daughter as well.  They’d become family for Yamamoto.

It was more than liking Chan.  It was respect.  Because Chan was possibly the best detective HPD had ever seen, Yamamoto admired him.  No one wanted to get the bad guys more than Yamamoto and Chan.  Together, they were HPD’s finest.

Chan’s only shortcoming was that he didn’t hate criminals.  One Filipino criminal Victor Yamamoto hated in particular was Chris Andaya.  This might be the perfect opportunity to put Andaya out of everyone’s misery.

* * * * *

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