Land of Aloha (HS 144)

It’s amazing to imagine that at one time Hawaiʻi had to be sold,
a barely known collection of merely faraway map dots that needed
to be marketed to the world, to those people who could travel,
targeting the hearty ones willing to make the longest trip on earth.
If you walk through magnetic Waikīkī, you will know what crowded means,
and the tourists aren’t confined there, of course, they’re on every island.
Even today, when travel is so much easier than it was back then
when entrepreneurs felt the need to aggressively attract visitor dollars to our islands,
if I go anywhere in the world and am discovered to be from Hawaiʻi,
people will say that to visit here is their idea of a dream vacation,
something they’d need to save for, something many say they’ll never be able to afford.
I have to admit, I do feel sorry for people who say they’d never be able to come here.
It’s ironic that I’m a kind of traveling billboard, exciting talk about vacationing here,
when I wish those who might actually come would choose some other destination.

* * * * *

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