Blogger Recognition Award

Mahalo to Tamara Yancosky

for her nomination of my blog for this wonderful recognition award.

I started my blog back in April 2019. The purpose is to have a place to post my daily writing drafts. It is important, I believe, for all writers to have a blog to point to so that people who would like to read their work can find it easily.

If I could give two pieces of advice to new bloggers, they would be 1) to make sure you blog regularly, and 2) have no fear of blogging even if no one ever reads or “likes” your pieces. If you are a writer, you must keep writing no matter what.


  1. You are so sweet, L.L.
    Are you putting tags on your posts, and a Category, that does not exceed 15, all together? You might not be getting exposure if you are not doing the SEO, correctly. I can help you, if you wish. Just let me know if you need help. The SEO is of great importance.


      1. Hi L.L., it’s the place where you are suppose to add 14 tags to your post, and 1 category, so this way it comes up in Search Engines. The “slug” is the title. The SEO should be on the right side panel (or, a drop down), as you are writing- depending on which mode you are using. I know it’s confusing, but once you get the hang of it, it’s simple.

        If I had your email, I could try to send you an image of what/where SEO is … but, it should be on side panel, or under “Options”…

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