And Counting

Another summing up from the lectern,
that all told coming, maybe the biggest
word problem we’ll ever solve.
Who said they’d never need math after they left school?
It’s all a counting.  This life.  A tallying up.

Venturing far from Honolulu roots,
vunerable, an Asian among the Haoles,
unique way of speaking, I’d say a voice
like buttered blue ice, melting,
watched warily by all borderline racists,
screamed at by unabashed racists,
plunked down by fate far from
a melting pot, no cosmo hang-loose
casualness there, no aloha, no ‘ohana,
family support, a rug yanked out from underneath,
a bit of stumbling, but never any falling
on the way to the top.

Loved the intellectual camaraderie of fellow legalists,
stunningly versed in jurisprudence,
youngest judge appointed there in history,
best friends were office mates,
firm brothers and sisters.

Stood tall, did well, came back to settle
into retirement.  Never married, rarely dated,
loved many a good book, loved Kindle,
had a few habitual haunts, back there
and then back here,
servers and vendors
known by first names,
these were friends.

All of this.

It satisfied the equation.

It sufficed, was sufficient, a good life.

* * * * *

Today’s trigger is

a good life

Use it to inspire a piece of writing and then please post that piece below. I would love to read it : )

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