At Night in Busan

My father, a Korean of his generation
would use that opaque yellow pomade
to slick back his black hair
Tres Flores Brilliantine
I can still smell that sharp sweetness
wonder even now
how you can ever scrape that stickiness off your hand

Your hair is as slicked back to scalp skin
glossy black a shine as I can imagine
and you wear the same sunglasses as my dad
here in Korea at night in 2019

I think of Warren Zevon for a moment
my, what a neon red scarf you wear
such shiny black leather gloves
the cow must have had a vinyl
hide your long fingers
long manicured nails
caress the silver knob of a long black cane

You look like you would
affliction or affectation
throw your mother under the bus
or more aptly
to the wolves
at the drop of your black silk top hat

* * * * *

Today’s word is


Use it in a piece of writing, or to inspire a piece of writing, and then post what you come up with as a comment below. I would love to read it : )

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