We’re Flying

Today’s word is


Use it in a piece or writing, or to inspire a piece, and then post what you write on the Bamboo Shoots page. We’d love to read what you write.

Here’s my draft for today.

We’re Flying

Yesterday I suddenly fell into a daydream,
remembered how The Exorcist takes place in Georgetown,
and as I descended further into this seizure-like episode,
my dark reverie nearly drowning me,
this suffocating coincidence of geographical proximity,
my mind zigged to baseball,
to memories of all the game has meant to me,
a local boy, growing up way out here in Hawai’i,
dreaming of the Big Leagues.

And as I rounded the bases plunging into this abyss,
I pictured Max von Sydow and Jason Miller
trying like the devil to drive one of the nastiest demons
you’ll never want to meet out of Linda Blair’s battered body
on the double.

Sliding into the rock bottom of this nightmare horror show,
I inexplicably zagged to a thought about embrace, somehow
the Titanic sailing into the picture, that part about how
we would like to fly, soaring in a lover’s embrace,
giddy, as if we’d just won a World Series ring.

Then I thought about baseball caps, and I saw red,
and those famous words leaped to my lips,
as I thought of Winslet’s infatuation with Dicaprio,
how in his clutches, she becomes addle-brained, to the point
that in my instantaneously newly conceived interpretation of the movie,
Jack embodies evil,
and I shouted out loud in the middle of Korea,
“The power of Christ compels you,”
imagining myself to take Kate in my arms,
throwing us overboard to escape Leo’s clutch.

Fortunately, at bottom, the two of us,
in this Hollywood ending, came out
the other side, neither of us drowned,
I have have saved baseball,
Satan’s spell over Winslet is broken,
she is no longer stupid,
and Jack slips away
forgotten beneath the ice.

* * * * *

Today’s word is


Use it in a piece of writing, or to inspire a piece, and then leave what you write as a comment below. I would love to read what you write : )

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