I would listen to her

My mother may not have beenthe most talented of pianists,but she might have won a trophyfor painful persistence since childhood. … More

Hawaiʻi Sonnet 88 (Benevolence)

I am nearly blinded by the bluest ocean imaginable,mesmerized by the constant waves, powerful blows,one after another, crashing hard against … More

Pep Talk

All of you were born to do something.So why aren’t you doing anything? He shakes his fists at the air. … More

How I Met Your Mother

Aiya! Again I forgot. Here’s my draft for Po’aha/Thursday. How I Met Your Mother If I were in your pants, … More

Balance Question

Question gravityas we float afraid we’ll falla glimmer somethingmote of slight hopespeculate about lightabout tandem flightwished for greeningof summer dried … More