question after question after question after

question never answered,
never honoring the teaching method
— how we seem to have learned nothing,
none of that much ballyhooed
critical thinking
— I puzzle at our inculcation,
wonder at the minds shaped to a mass
that led a madman to water
where he drinks deeply
— but I didn’t major
in educational philosophy,
says the English major
— oh the art of proofing,
how autocracy is a hard word
to spell
break it over us now,
when not enough hard questions get answered,
and too many soft answers prance and dance,
— soft-shoed and slippery all across the hallowed floor,
leading us nowhere
but to the sound
of one’s gleeful small hands clapping.

* * * * *

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Use it in a piece of writing, or to inspire a piece of writing, and then post your piece as a comment below. I would love to read what you write.

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