How I Met Your Mother

Aiya! Again I forgot. Here’s my draft for Po’aha/Thursday.

How I Met Your Mother

If I were in your pants, then I’d have
fulfilled your father’s prophesy.

But if I were, it would not be because
that’s all I want to do. Sincerely,

my desire is for more. True,
I’m feeling I do want to get in there,

eventually, have pondered entry
etiquette for some time now,

but I also want your dad to feel
that I’m worthy of gaining that position,

get his okay — sometimes looks like maybe ex post facto,
the way we’ve been moving these days —

for my being in there. I think, basically,
he likes me, your mother too, and we

have been, you and I, friends for so long
that if I did want to get in there eventually,

well, it’s not that he’d maybe give me
an engraved invitation, but he would know

more than anything else, that I’d have
politely asked you to let me in, gained consent,

and seriously, you know, it could have happened
a long time ago. Because we both know,

you would have let me in, what with
the way you kiss me now, how your tongue

and your breath play on my neck,
your hand stroking my arm, then

running down my back, tugging at my belt. Hey,
the way you caress my thigh when I drive

we could die. You press hard. Sometimes I imagine
my dad telling me that all you want to do is get in mine.

* * * * *

Today’s word is


Use it in any kind of a piece of writing and then post your piece as a comment below. Anything goes : )

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