Pep Talk

All of you were born to do something.
So why aren’t you doing anything?

He shakes his fists at the air.

Because all of you grew up
like a bunch of fuckin’ beggars.
You’re all waiting for somebody
to give you common sense
and brains.

His greasy hair flies around as he gesticulates.

All of you think
there’s that wizard for whatever,
but he’s not there anymore.
He quit, people.  He went crazy because
all you stupid people keep asking for stupid stuff.
All you guys are all stupid!
You’re stupid!
You want that yellow-brick road
to be a yellow-brick crosswalk
on a real narrow street.

He runs around, coming close to us but not too close.

You’re all idiots!
There aren’t any miracles.
You’re all turkeys.
You’re all looking up at the rain
with your stupid mouths open
and you’re all gonna fucking drown.

His ragged shirt says, “Hang Loose, Hawaiʻi.”

Get fucking going
before it’s too fucking late.
You should slap yourselves
in the face and snap out
of your stupid useless lives.

Everyone walks in wide arcs around him.

Wise up!
Do something!
Do something!

He sits down on the ground, resting his head on his knees, rocking back and forth.  Nobody pays any attention to him.

* * * * *

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