Hawaiʻi Sonnet 58

Here’s my draft for today, Wednesday 05.29.19

Hawaiʻi Sonnet 58

You’re still ever my secret keeper, all that I told you
remains held in perfect confidence. The me
of the going back too sad, the not riding farther
for you, the no more nights of sweat all gone
to cold sleep, you not waking me to time
just past the humid dream, the long talk away
not now, now all keeps on unspoken. Your fidelity
so long to silence, your wordlessness wears a gap
between us, wide and the advancing fog, a fearful trip
down a slippery memory lane.  I seek you tapping
hiding deep from me within the dark of made forgetting
now all I had asked you to hold sacred between us
all estranging, our well stood between pleasure and desire
tell what they were, as all quiets down to a wordless long ago

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