Here’s my draft for today, Tuesday 05.28.19.


I was reminded
in a classmate’s email message just now
that we graduated from University High School
47 years ago today

May 28, 1972

We had slogged through 18 unimaginably long years to that point
and now we’ve raced through 47 more

the time, so stretched out, prolonged, tedious
in our young eyes, our brewing brains

now contracting to an instant
faster than a breath gasped
near the end of a race run
at warp speed

And I so clearly remember that day
how we sat cross-legged
on the stage of Andrews Amphitheater
in our aloha shirts and mu’umu’u
how we called out each other’s names
exchanged, each to each, a maile lei

so vivid
just yesterday

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