living ghosts

Here’s my draft for today, Sunday 05.26.19.

living ghosts

always way more spooky
than the church service
signed, sealed, and delivered, somewhere
for sure dead ones

like for some reason
they can’t get to some earthly heavenly place
have to hang around
for something really bad they did
something so horrible
that they have to atone for it
and you think, hey
a chance to atone
no way do they deserve that

they should really just go to hell
but maybe what they did, I guess
wasn’t considered bad enough
even though you know it was
that they should go to hell
where you want them to burn
in a what I believe is termed
hell on earth

you grew dead to me that way
a living ghost
finally gone away from me, I prayed
no more haunting me
although just thinking about seeing you
would spook me short of breath
the real threat
of you coming around
anytime you wanted to
and so I hoped so bad
you never wanted to again
each time you did

you know how some folks miss
the really dead dead so much
it’s like they can hardly wait
to be together with them again
that whole bright light
with those who’ve gone before reaching out
for you to join them

not me
because all too soon
before you know it
I believe we really are gonna join the other dead
and of course you’re just as soon
gonna be one of them too
and I’m not looking forward to that
at all
especially if in the end
it’s true
you find me again
then haunt me for eternity
be it in heaven or in hell

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