What’s Done

Pressing themselves, all of them, into permanent wallflowers,

these young people gone flat at functions, standing still,

eyes lasers on screens, still in the spring, yet with nothing

to say to one another, stuck here together, not learning

how social events exist for a purpose other than getting

high enough to play video games on another level,

muscle memory covering for fingers’ skewed focus.

Interpersonal skills we developed when no internet

existed, what’s happened to them, required before

social media arrived, the new sitting with friends at tables

supposedly eating a meal, together, and using most

of that time to fiddle on a phone, sometimes

even texting the person sitting next to you because

it’s easier to do than talk, conversation becoming

the lost art of – remarkable – speaking words face-to-face,

perhaps, I see, the loss of speech being another evolutionary

step on the way to social isolation due to compartmentalization.

Even I forget how now at times, that skill still barely with me.

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