It’s possible I forgot to get married today

The text messages and the voice mails piled up.
Are still coming.
These guys stay open late.
If it were letters, my mailbox would be jammed full.
It’s a repeated plea for a return call to let them know
will I or won’t I get married today as scheduled?
I’ve let all the calls go to voice mail,
deleted those, deleted all the texts.
It’s kind of like a pandemic, marriage is.
Until it gets you, you know it’s out there,
an aggressive virus the majority of people do not escape.
I have been lucky so far.
I don’t want to come down with it any time soon.
But why keep after me this way, all day long?
True, I’m not young, so it’s not impossible I forgot.
Made a reservation at Hawai‘i Civil Marriage a while back?
December 31st.
I’m the kind of person who’d choose a date like that.
I bought my last two cars on December 31st.
More worrisome still, who is the woman?
Am I supposed to marry today a woman I can’t remember?
But then, wouldn’t she have called to find out what’s up?
If I’m dead?
If I have cold feet?
I’m not dead, but I do have cold feet.
If I’m supposed to be married today, I don’t want to do it.
If I forgot her, how great are our prospects anyway?
There’s another text message.
Another voice mail.
Another opportunity to worry if I’ve lost my mind.
Did I forget to get married today?

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