Gray Dog (Loving Pets)

The dependance upon
what a great deal her life lent
a small gray dog
there a statue now
standing over her ashes
honoring her
after Greyfriars Bobby
often glazed with rain
even on drizzling days
bright with water
the mud puddles she would run through
beside the white spotlight at night
how gray and white darken and lighten both
the doves
she chased no matter how much I scolded her
we must make allowances
for dogs age quickly
pass us
and before we know it
they are slowing
and then in an instant
they’re gone
the thing to do
remember them as they were
in some way
how they stopped by awhile
enriched us
made a deep impression
my love captured in that statue
all my memories of her
so much to me
depend now

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