Like Wow

Holy moly, how this warrior keeps waltzing out of hell;
It would be a drag, I suppose, if he lost a bout in this life.
Once again he’s won, battle besting the brutal hag.
I knew he was a terminator when he tore off Grendel’s arm,
but to tell you the truth, we all laid odds on the mom.
Now he’s back with G’s head and this giants’ sword hilt,
gives them not a bit boastfully to me as gifts. Well, okay.
The sword’s good as useless, and the head goo’s acid;
I’ll feign thanks then toss them in the whale pool when he’s gone.
I wonder if he’s pushy, will want more parting gifts than I’ve given
for ridding us of the deadly duo – a good thing, I grant you.
Guess I’ll hand him anything anyway to have him head for home.
I’m worried, can I trust him? He could kill us in our sleep,
claim my kingdom as his own; of this he’s more than capable,
his history proving he could kick our asses and then some.
No, no, his honor won’t allow that – I’m hoping with crossed fingers.
I’ll hand him a treasure trove and hurry him onto the whale road home.
Looks like life should be copacetic with our monsters conquered,
still you never do know when another demon could drop in.
I’ll keep this natural born killer on quick call for a while,
just in case I need his services, since my men are weak as me.

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