A Blue Christmas Is Certain

No amount of snow – and they have lots of it –

can possibly hide every single blue thing in the Blue Town of Norway.

The government provides the blue paint and requisite tools

if you agree to paint your house, barn, or any other building blue.

The goal is to make every single thing blue, a grand outdoor art project,

including fire hydrants, lamp posts, parking meters, and so on.

They want to be unique, and there’s even a tax break if you go blue.

Our guide tells us in winter the snowfall is so heavy

that sometimes you can ski off the roofs of houses.

I wonder how wise it is to be completely blue in the winter months.

In Norway, with so much snow and limited sunlight,

isn’t life blue enough without having your whole town be blue too?

Not surprisingly, birds, mice, spiders, roaches, trees, roses, et alia, are nervous,

and house pets are holding their breath in an attempt to appear blue enough.

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