If You Build It Will They Come?

Retirement has brought many changes.

Four years ago I began decorating my windows for Halloween.

Never having done this, and because I’ve few windows facing the street,

I searched only for a couple of items.

Each year I add one or two.

In my windows now I have

smiling ghosts, smiling pumpkins, smiling witches, smiling vampires, smiling mummies, smiling bats –

well you get the picture: lots of smiling.

However, retirement changes keep happening.

This year I want to add scary stuff to offset the happy stuff.

So I begin my search, and what do I find?

The scariest items are actually what they sell for Dia De Muertos.

Even the Dia De Muertos Barbies Mattel produces each year are scary.

The cost is scary too, mucho pesos, hundreds of dollars

if you want ones from past years, a hundred dollars for this year’s model,

and the scary Ken dolls, while less expensive (of course), are still pricey too.

So I’m thinking, if they Dia De Muertos-ize Barbie and Ken,

do they do it to some of my favorites as well?

I’ve been searching for a Dia De Muertos Elmo or Cookie Monster.

I’d love a Swedish Chef with an exposed skull,

or a couple of skeletal Berts and Ernies.

Those wouldn’t still be cute, would they?

Hopefully not.

What about a Count Von Count with his fangs sunk into the neck of a Muppet baby?

Maybe that’s more Halloween-y, but it would be great.

Maybe it’s just me.

I’ve still not found Dia De Muertos Muppets of any kind.

I believe a potential market exists, a vacuum awaits filling.

I must write to the Muppet and the Sesame Street folks,

let them know there’s interest out there.

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