No Time for Sunshine

I’d love to write a poem affirming truth, and love, and constancy,

extolling the happily ever after we all seek and of course all find in our bliss laden lives,

the dream, labeled American in my case, finally fulfilled for all –

which reminds me not to forget a few words about how justice for all is always meted out –

and twittering birds and rainbows and hand-in-hand we are the world-ed-ness

of absolute peace, and universal harmony, and, you know,

all of that.

I’d love to write a poem chockfull of bliss and blown kisses,

yes, definitely,

but time is noose tight edge of the chair tip-toe precious,

and I have other rows to hoe and seeds to sow,

the old miles to go before I sleep deal-io,

get on with chasing all my share of the good stuff

as fast as I can gather up those sweet dew dropped red roses and gumdrops,

and sundaes with whipped cream and a gigantic cherry on top,

and sprinkles, right up to the everybody I love you is all I need deadline finish,

and maybe circle back to all of this goodness writing if I finally find some down time.

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