Double Truths

Now, you say, that, that was true knowledge, the kind

unkind if the truth hurts you, a loved one, everyone, everything

you search for all your life, an always hazy understanding of what it might be,

better never to have known at all if all it does is harm,

the moment you stumble across it confusion,

like the lie, white or worse that shields,

a stone on the path you overlooked for grasping always farther ahead,

protecting from something we should never know,

your trip and fall scraping up your hands and knees, bloody

as far as you know, given your perception of this truth,

this aha moment that cures disease or tells the age of the universe,

or the truth that must never be spoken for fear

that the very uttering of it may destroy utterly,

the moment that brings you from your knees to the arms spread wide opening up of infinity,

or the closing down now we must pray hands clasped together of everything.

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