Hearing Loss

What’s that you’re saying under your breath,
a curse or a blessing for me, you’ve done both well.
I’ve grown to known this to be so in our time together.
My hearing isn’t what it used to be, and I never
enjoyed guessing anyway, hated when I was wrong,
either way, so let’s just say, okay, give me your arm,
and together this time let’s cross over the bridge,
we two leaning on each other, supporting one another,
the way being so slippery and narrow, the river rapid
and running deep beneath, so I’ll know
it was a blessing whispered for me, for us,
and isn’t that a beautiful way, I’d like to think,
for it to end up after all this time, the two of us, no matter what,
leaning together for the longer walk we’ll take on the other side.

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