Again with Hermione and Maurice

Please, love, please let’s not argue all night long about this silly little thing.

I agree, yes indeed, we should drop it, let’s do.

You know how I hate it when we fight like this.

I do, most assuredly, I do.

And when we fight, we’re supposed to follow that rule about not going to bed still mad.

No kidding, we’re guilty of breaking that deal, for sure, Dear, we often do.

I hate getting up angry in the morning, don’t you?  It ruins my entire day.

I’m with you on that, I’ll stew all day long.  I’m still mad when I come home and brood.

I stew too, it’s true, like slow cookers, we two keep our grievances simmering on.

Yes, Dear, yes, my, my . . . Why is it, do you think that we fight so much?

I don’t know, I’ve no clue, I wish I did.

When we were dating, remember, we got on so well.

Uh huh, what do you mean by well?

We never fought then, I can’t think of one time.

Okay . . .

What is it, my love, can you?

I believe there was maybe . . .

Please say what you think.

Well, there was, perhaps a time at La Mer, when you wanted to dine outside.  The Maître d’ informed you that area was closed.

If this happened, well, please go on.

Yeah, you made quite a fuss, and I asked you to chill, and you told me to mind my own business.

Well maybe, all right, so I may have raised my voice.

My Dear, you screamed bloody hell.

I dropped a spoon?

You grabbed a knife.

I think of spice.

The pepper flew.

Ah yes, I remember it well.  I nicked that chair.

You broke a lamp.

I dropped a glass?

You smashed three plates.

Yes, yes, I remember it well.  He grabbed my sleeve.

You kicked his shin.

I settled down.

You called him names.

So what’s in a name, some little name . . . How kind of you to help me relive this all.  And then, and then . . . I seem to see a few police.

We were arrested, then released.

How prison changed me –

For that night, at least.

I see, I see . . . Now I know your hard feelings, what you truly think.  It’s wonderful we had this fight.  I’d say it’s time we should just call it quits, we’re not in love, it’s clear that we’re through.

As you say, there’s no denying, we fight from time to time.  You have your faults, but for sure so do I. Although you say that we’re done, I still love you, as then.

Oh so do I, I love you too, let’s go to bed.

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