My dog howls at the moon

Is it because he wants to have the moon here with him?
Does he want to eat it
for all he knows maybe it’s green and cheesy
to chew on it and then bury the leftovers
after digging one very big hole in my very small yard
not knowing the house will tip over and fall in?
Or does he miss the cow somehow?
The less famous one that tried to jump over the moon
but tripped and fell into one of the craters on the dark side
so we never saw it, evolved
learned to breathe nothing, eat dirt
died bearing the calf it carried there
the calf with no eyes that moos at the earth
out of some kind of bovine cultural memory.
I get up and fry a ribeye steak, bone in
imagine a boneless cattle ranch.
Bone in’s a dollar less per pound than boneless.
It costs money to prop up cows.
After I’ve introduced the steak to the fire
a brief encounter, I sit
cut out the bloody bone
and give it to the dog.
He’s not howling now.
Maybe that’s all he wanted
a piece of a cow.

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