dot dot dot

pretend you knew where you were going
and now you’ve run into us
so follow along the silent spaces we speak in between
floating here to indicate a pause for thought
some moments of suspense while
we have you running down rabbit holes
you never suspected were there in front of you
paths of wonder and speculation on jagged knives or a searing scar
some twisted trajectory masked in a loss for words
how you drill down a million possibilities
since you have our leisure time to do so
to linger over a love just lost or one perhaps coming back
while you maybe earn that degree in managerial accounting
or wait forever for the cab you hail to finally come, how they keep passing you
blips of a heartbeat, the doppler effect of sound
we are that zzzooommm
the author offers to you, a feast of wonder whys
of something coming, something good or bad or indifferent . . .
how you’re waiting for it
wait for it
wait for it
wait for it
okay now you’re over us, we’re gone
so now you can know the why of our pregnant pause
the one we give to you, in order
to prolong the moment before
the secret of our silence is revealed to you

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